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Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit
Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit

Raw Crystal Collector’s Box Premium Kit

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Our 24 Piece Raw Crystal Premium Collector’s Box is the ultimate kit for the crystal lover, as it includes a variety of premium stones, many of which are rare and uncommonly found in traditional crystal sets. Each stone is 100% Natural and of high-grade quality, measuring at least 1 inch, with some as large as 2 inches. The stunning display case is what sets this kit apart from the rest. This collection is enclosed in a 14 x 9 inch display case lined in burlap. Each individual compartment is 2 inches deep, ensuring the case will close securely. The hinged cover is made of durable glass and locks with 2 secure closures. For those who enjoy learning about the crystal healing properties of each stone, you will be happy to find a detailed stone guide which includes the below information in a handy grid chart for easy identification. (See image #3 in the listing) This particular gift set is one in which you may want to treat yourself with or offer as the perfect gift for a friend, partner, teacher, family member or loved one. This is also a great Birthday Gift or for any occasion.

This kit contains the following stones:

Column 1

  1. Black Tourmaline  - Protection, Removes Blockages, Transforms Negative Thoughts
  2. Pyrite - Abundance, Increases Vitality, Deflects Danger
  3. Red Jasper - Grounding, Promotes Courage, Eases Worries
  4. Obsidian - Cleanses Aura, Eliminates Attachments, Brings the Shadow to Light

Column 2 

  1. Carnelian - Energizing, Promotes Inner Strength, Calms Anger
  2. Sunstone - Uplighting, Promotes Enthusiasm, Enhances Confidence
  3. Tiger Eye - Strengthening, Promotes Clear Thinking, Increases Will Power 
  4. Peach Moonstone - Relieves Anger, Reduces Anxiety, Promotes Inspiration

Column 3 

  1. Citrine - Clarifying, Increases Confidence, Amplifies Energy
  2. Rose Quartz - Comforting, Promotes Unconditional Love, Inspires Gratitude
  3. Green Aventurine - Prosperity, Increases Luck, Enhances Leadership 
  4. Fuchsite - Rejuvenating, Increases Self-Reliance, Heals Trauma

Column 4 

  1. Amazonite - Encouraging, Reduces Fear & Judgment, Balances Masculine & Feminine Energy
  2. Green Calcite - Amplifying, Increases Intuition, Heart-Opening
  3. Emerald - Promotes Love, Enhances Abundance, Repels Negativity
  4. Sodalite - Calming, Aids Communication, Stimulates Endurance

Column 5 

  1. Apatite - Enhances Manifestation, Improves Focus, Dispels Frustration
  2. Blue Calcite - Improves Communication, Stimulates Trust, Assists Intuitive Abilities
  3. Fluorite - Healing, Increases Concentration, Aids Spiritual Balance
  4. Lepidolite - Supports Life Transitions, Emotional Healing, Combats Depression

Column 6

  1. Rainbow Moonstone - Balances Emotions, Amplifies Intuition, Promotes Compassion
  2. Amethyst - Calming, Relieves Stress, Reduces Anxiety
  3. Selenite - Brings Clarity & Peace, Angelic Guidance, Supports Meditation 
  4. Clear Quartz - Enlightening, Master Healer, Balances all Energy



  • This listing is for ONE (1) 24-piece Crystal Collectors Box set which includes the above listed stones. All stones are approximately 1-2 inches in size. The kit includes a 24-grid burlap box with a glass window 14x9 inches in size.
  • You will receive crystals which very closely resembles those seen in these photos.

 Gift Ready:

  • This kit will be mindfully packaged ensuring it will arrive to its recipient in perfect condition.
  • Includes a description card stating each crystal's metaphysical properties.


  • Ships within 3-5 business days via USPS (Includes Tracking).
  • We ship to the USA, Canada and Worldwide.
  • Free shipping on all UNITED STATES orders over $75 USD.


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