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Mayan Rose is a handmade crystal healing & natural herb company founded in South Florida in 2012 by Marisol Tamez. Our mission is to preserve the ancient use of gemstone healing and herbal smudging, thereby strengthening our collective connection to Mother Nature's healing gifts.

At Mayan Rose, all of our unique products are intended to help you cultivate self awareness of your own natural healing abilities. Whether you're a beginner on your holistic healing journey or an avid practitioner, Mayan Rose hopes to support your experience. We offer many sets and kits, all intuitively curated to help you amplify the energy in various areas of your life. Whether you are seeking to increase abundance, deepen your self love, ground yourself in protection or connect to healing energy, you will find many products to support your specific intentions. We also carry many products which are customized for each zodiac sign and chakra.

Most importantly, we believe it's vital to empower YOU. All of our products include informational cards to educate you on each crystal or herb's properties and intended uses. It is our hope that you also will share your learning with others and become a source of inspiration for those seeking deeper connection to Self.