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11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set
11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set

11-Piece Sage Smudge Gift Set

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Our best-selling Sage Sampler Kit includes 11 varieties of herbal bundles, a perfect introduction to the healing world of smudging! This listing includes one (1) of EACH of the following eleven (11) items. (See descriptions below)

All Sage Bundles are approximately 4” by 1.25". Each are ideal to cleanse your home, office as well as yourself.

You’ll receive a FREE 2-3 inch Red Abalone Shell to use as an ash catcher. PLEASE NOTE: THE SHELL IS INSIDE THE SAGE KIT BAG.

GIFT-READY. All sage bundles are individually packaged with a small card containing its name and healing properties, so you never have to worry about confusing the varieties. The 11 bundles are nicely packaged in a rose-filled gift bag & tied with a lovely bow ensuring this kit is 100% gift-ready.

Want to include a gift message? We will print your personal message on quality card stock and include it in the box at no charge. Simply enter the message in the gift note section upon checkout. 

This Kit Includes:

1. One (1) White Sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant for hundreds of years. It is an evergreen perennial shrub that is found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California.

2. One (1) Blue Sage said to cleanse negativity, hate and exorcism while bringing wealth, health, prosperity, healing and coolness to your life. Blue Sage can be used in a ritual ceremony, house cleansing or simply for aromatic pleasure.

3. One (1) White Sage & Lavender - The added Wild Lavender in these white sage  smudge wands will produce calming, peaceful, and sedating effects, making them great to use for meditation or simply for its relaxing aroma.  

4. One (1) Desert Magic Sage best known as the richly aromatic sage that blankets the Santa Fe, Taos area. It contains a warm herbaceous aroma that is a bit peppery. Often used for cleansing and purifying, protection, and inner strength. It is said to bring pleasant thoughts and relieve headaches and anxiety.

5. One (1) Rosemary a woody, evergreen herb that has been used for ceremony since ancient times. Rosemary is an excellent versatile smudge used for cleansing, purification and protection while also said to provide good luck, love, happiness, wisdom and psychic development.

6. One (1) Dragon's Blood, a powerful tool for cleansing and purification made with Dragon's Blood resin and white sage. Dragon’s Blood is the bleeding red sap of the Dracaena tree which produces a woody and spicy floral scent. Together this rare sage bundle provides a unique and powerful cleansing aroma. 

 7. One (1) Cedar, a sacred plant known as the Mother and giver of life. A wonderful fragrance to burn, Cedar wands are used in ceremonies or simply for aroma. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity. 

8. One (1) White Sage & Cedar - Combines both White Sage and Cedar mentioned above.

9. One (1) Palo Santo, a sacred fragrance tree in South America that means "Holy Wood". Some of its benefits include: removal of negative energy, natural insect repellent, air disinfectant, mind / body relaxation. 

10. One (1) Black Sage, also known as Dream Weed, Mugwort, or Magical Sage is known for its unique ability to stimulate dreams, introspection and inner healing.  It is renowned as a smudging herb for its subtle, sweet scent and dream-inducing qualities. This sage is used in ritual practices and for protection.

11. One (1) Piñon Pine made from an evergreen tree that originates from the American Southwest. Its high concentration of pine resin provokes a smooth, woodsy scent that's especially powerful and even repels insects. Piñon is an excellent all-purpose smudge for cleansing, healing, and strengthening.

12. One (1) Free Abalone Shell 



  • This listing contains (11) of the above listed varieties of 100% natural Sage Smudges approximately 4" x 1.25" and one 3" Abalone Shell.
  • You will receive sage bundles which very closely resemble those seen in these photos.
  • Buy with confidence. ALL of our organic herbal smudges are sustainably grown and ethically harvested via private family farms throughout the United States.

Learn more: How To Use Sage Smudge

 Gift Ready:

  • All sage bundles are packaged in a gift bag filled with dried rose buds.
  • Includes a description card stating each bundle's metaphysical properties.


  • Ships within 3-5 business days via USPS (Includes Tracking).
  • We ship to the USA, Canada and Worldwide.
  • Free shipping on all UNITED STATES orders over $75 USD.

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