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Red Jasper & White Jade Mala w/ Ganesha Charm
Red Jasper & White Jade Mala w/ Ganesha Charm
Red Jasper & White Jade Mala w/ Ganesha Charm

Red Jasper & White Jade Mala w/ Ganesha Charm

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This premium 108 bead 36" mala is made of Red Jasper & White Jade and a stunning 2" charm of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, known as the "Remover of Obstacles". 

The gemstones used for each piece are specifically chosen due to their unique healing properties:

Red Jasper is a stabilizing and protective stone that can align all the chakras. It is told to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival, including health and healing. Since it eases emotional stress, red jasper is an excellent “worry bead”. It gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence thus is a great choice for speakers and actors. In addition it worn by women to promote beauty and grace.
Chakras: 1st (Root) & 2nd (Sacral).

White Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity and signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. It is extremely calming and can be used for grounding as well as to assist in making decisions. White Jade is used for Attention Deficit Disorder and for other conditions where focus and concentration is needed. 
Chakra: 6th (Third Eye)


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  • All mala necklaces are packaged in a gift bag filled with dried rose buds.


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How to Use a Mala:
A "mala" is a set of mantra counting beads. A mantra is a word or statement repeated personally or aloud with sincerity, devotion, feeling and deep attention. The overall intention is to naturally allow the attention to lead to deep concentration, which in turn allows for meditation and eventually "samadhi", to acquire wholeness, or truth. This mala contains 108 beads, as this number is considered sacred by many eastern religions and spiritual groups. To use the mala, begin at the guru bead, the larger bead at its base. Drape the first mala bead, the one next to the guru on your right, in between your thumb and middle finger.  Slide your thumb over the first mala bead down and move to the next. Repeat this movement for a count of 108 beads. You may focus on your breathing, moving past each bead as you take an “in breath” or an “out breath”.